The Wanderer

by The Curse

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First track from a featuring project, involving youtuber Sabaku No Maiku (AKA Mike Of The Desert) and The Curse.
The song is inspired by the videogame Shadow Of The Colossus.


This shrine that I'm riding in
Through this empty silence
She sleeps and I feel's my fault
The cross that I carry on
The voice of the God in my head
Command to destroy this land
I'll sacrifice all I can
With this sword in My hand...

I won't stop until I fall Not even when I lose grip on this wall
And I won't stop even when I'll crawl
I will carry this wounds on my own
I'll wander this land to seek
A redemption for all this sin

This darkness is taking me
I feel it under my skin
My body is curved in pain (Dormin:You are not alone)
I know I will not survive
But I'm ready for this strife

While another Giant falls
I feel her voice calling me
A chink of salvation
I follow this trail of light
Regardless of where I'm going
Let's breakdown another one...Agro!

She's the end for all this fight
The brightest star in the dark of this night
She is the reason I'm struggling for
Even when I hit face on the floor
I don't know why I feel this pain
But I hope I will not die invain
While her body depart from my eyes
From my death a new life will rise
(Backing vocals:She's the end of everything)
Dormin/Wander:Forget my name...until I'll live again...


released April 21, 2015
Music and lyrics by The Curse




The Curse Agrigento, Italy

The Curse is the project of four musician and youtubers from Agrigento,Italy.It began in cooperation with the Youtuber and Content Creator Sabaku No Maiku (AKA Mike of The Desert) with the track "The Wanderer" composed for the final episode of a serie about the game "Shadow of The Colossus".But the best is yet to come... ... more

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