by The Curse

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Song inspired by Namco Bandai's videogame "Splatterhouse" published in 2010


"Ladies and Gentlemen please all gather here!
Welcome to the Splatterhouse,
where could witness the story of a doomed love and of a man encrazed with pain!"

(Welcome!)Losing my sight on her photograph!
(Welcome!)Feeling my blood flowing on the ground!
(Welcome!)Wear me,embrace what you are!
(Welcome!)Discover you're not just a mask!

Pain and blood is all you ever asked for!
The days you lived in fear,
are over 'cause I'm here!
Your weakness was your fault!
I'm not the first mask that you put on!
My will was all you needed
Tear apart this world, feed your rage!

Witness my vengeance, you all fight with me!
I'll not surrender until she'll be free!

Oh, come on! Is not just what you do, is who you are!
You've always been a killer in another life, another game!
You always knew it, felt that urge, you just tried to bury it!
You've been wearing a mask your whole life!
It's time to embrace it, this is who you really are!
(Rick) You're wrong!
(Mask) Am I?

(Rick) Ten thousand slaughtered monsters
to ease the pain I'm feeling,
to doom the world in darkness,
but I just needed her again!
I've been a fool to trust you,
but I can understand you,
there's still an hole in our heart...
so tear this fucking world apart!

Witness my vengeance, you all fight with me!
I'll not surrender until she'll be free!

(Mask) Getting kinda good at this now, Rick-O!
The sound of bodies bursting,the feel of flesh tearing in your hands.
Admit it: the power,the strength...
you like it, don't ya?
(Rick)! You're confusing me, I can't think!
(Mask) You don't need to think Rick, that's what you got me for you buddy!

(Rick) You're wrong!
(Mask) Am I?


released August 8, 2015
Track by The Curse




The Curse Agrigento, Italy

The Curse is the project of four musician and youtubers from Agrigento,Italy.It began in cooperation with the Youtuber and Content Creator Sabaku No Maiku (AKA Mike of The Desert) with the track "The Wanderer" composed for the final episode of a serie about the game "Shadow of The Colossus".But the best is yet to come... ... more

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